Leak Detection Systems : Leak Detection Systems
Leak Detection Systems
General description of products
In the pre-insulated pipe system a 100% watertight HDPE jacket protects the steel pipe against corrosion. As additional security against damage by corrosion. Oryx supplied Pre-Insulated carrier pipes and fittings are available with a leak detection system for detecting moisture in the polyurethane insulation. Early fault detection allows remedial action to be taken prior to damage by corrosion occurring to the carrier pipe.
Sensor wires
Pipe components to be monitored by means of the detection system are supplied as standard with two uninsulated copper wires (1.5 mm2) integrated in the insulation material.
Oryx Monitored LDS
The Detection system records the electric conductivity of the insulation continuously. If moisture enters the insulation, the conductivity increases and a signal is transmitted.
The Detector has an integrated function to ensure that the detection system is intact at all times. A signal is transmitted if the electric circuit is disrupted, e.g. if the sensor wire is broken.
This Detection system may be connected to a central monitoring unit and monitored by Oryx Piping using GPS monitoring.
The system is sectioned by means of Terminals. Sectioning improves accuracy
when locating faults.
Moisture or wire faults are located with a pulse reflectometer, which enables accurate location of the fault, even if there is more than one fault in the section. Accuracy is dependent upon exact measurement of wire length in pipeline.
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